Salt Creek Sport Horses is nestled in the Parkland (Dauphin Manitoba) just north
of Riding Mountain National Park and south east of Duck Mountain Provincial Park.  
Dauphin is 1.5 hours north of Brandon or 3.5 hours northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Please view our Contact page for directions.
Our goal at Salt Creek is to produce quality Friesian Cross Sport Horses 
as well as Purebred Friesians. 

The Friesian breed is known for its incredibly gentle nature, intelligence, fairy tale 
good looks and very expressive gaits. While used primarily in harness and under
saddle the Friesian is quickly becoming a serious contender in the dressage ring as well.
Big and shimmering black with long wavy mane, tail and feathers the Friesian is a
stunning sight to behold.

When combined with the athleticism, stamina and versatility of the Saddlebred and
Morgan breeds a horse of extraordinary capability results.
The Friesian Cross is a horse that exhibits good size, more substantial bone, an upright
head and neck carriage as well as very animated movement.

The Friesian as well as the Friesian Cross Sport Horse have been impressing the equine
enthusiast in the competitive venues of dressage and driving, as well as gentle and loving
 family companions for pleasure use.

UPDATED October 13, 2018