About Us

Salt Creek Sport Horses originates from a childhood and lifelong dream.  Perhaps some of you were also that little girl or boy who lived and breathed every single minute of every day for horses.

My husband Tom and I live in rural Manitoba on plenty of acreage where our horses are raised in a natural herd setting.  Young horses get to 'be horses' by learning from the herd hierarchy, they live and grow and exercise on pasture that provides varied footing, water crossings, wildlife, prairie and woodlands.  We truly feel this natural setting and space strengthens not only their young bones but their minds and character as well. 

As a person who loves to experience and savour the variety that life has to offer, I have chosen mares with different attributes from my favourite breeds to cross with a Friesian stallion.  Our riding interests are diverse so our focus is working with all of our young stock from an early age, instilling a trust and willingness that will provide a foundation for undersaddle work regardless of discipline.

Come on in and have a look around our site and enjoy your visit.  We are just an email or a phone call away and will have the coffee on for you.

Happy Trails,
Laurie & Tom